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About Chagford Swimming Pool

Chagford Swimming Pool is a beautiful, community-run, open air pool set on the banks of the river Teign. Rolling green hills surround this magical 1930s lido which is situated about half a mile outside Chagford on the Two Moors way. The soft river water that fills the pool is UV treated and filtered with a minimal use of chlorine to keep it sparkling, healthy and safe. The water is heated with air source heat pumps and PV solar panels, which also power the hot showers, lights and our Tea Shed. Solar covers are rolled out each evening to preserve the water temperature, which is maintained at approximately 27 °C.


Young pool users are well catered for with a delightful toddler pool complete with toy boats, watering cans and ducks.


At the deep end there is a small grassy area bordered with wild flowers, perfect for relaxing with a book, socialising with friends or soaking up a few rays. There are plenty of chairs and tables at the shallow end with parasols to give shade on hot days. Raised wooden decking flanks each side of the pool to provide further seating.

The pool depth increases from just under one metre at the shallow end to just over 2 metres at its deepest. Qualified lifeguards are always on duty and constantly vigilant when the pool is open; safety is our top priority.

Our charming Tea Shed serves hot and cold drinks (2pm - 5:30pm), cakes and a variety of other sweet and savoury snacks. We do not sell bottled water but we are always happy to refill your bottles. You are also welcome to bring your own picnic to enjoy at the poolside although we ask you not to bring any glass bottles, to clear up after yourselves and to respect the rule that alcohol is not permitted on the premises.

Swimmin Pool Rules
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Child Safety

Children under nine years of age must always be accompanied by an adult. One adult should not be
responsible for more than two children under eight and children of that age should be directly supervised whilst in the water.

Please note:
We like to keep non swimming children away from the deep water so non swimmers are not allowed past the blue line, both in and out of the water.

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Pool Safety Rules

  • Please shower before coming to the pool.

  • We expect all swimmers to be considerate of all other pool users. Please make sure your children are familiar with the code of conduct before arriving. 

  • No dogs are allowed at the pool except assistance dogs.

  • Please respect others and follow the lifeguards instructions, thank you.

  • No smoking or drinking of alcohol is permitted on the pool site.

  • No running is permitted on the pool site.

Disabled Access
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Disabled Access

We do our best to accommodate disabled visitors and we have basic disabled access at the pool. 


The entire site is flat. The car park is gravelled, and there is a paved area outside the gate. We have very shallow (10cm/4ins) and wide steps with a hand rail into the pool shallow end, but sadly we do not have a hoist. Our staff are always happy to be of assistance. There is a basic unisex loo which has the required drop down rails, should they be required. 

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We have a small car park and sometimes the use of an adjacent overflow car park (after the hay has been cut). This field is kindly lent to us by a local farmer. It is important to respect this generous gesture and ensure that no litter or cigarette ends are dropped which are harmful to animals.

The car park is free for pool users, donations are welcomed.

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The Environment

We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible, using as few chemicals and cleaning agents as possible whilst adhering to the strict standards demanded by current environmental regulations. Our water heating system and other power is generated by our air source heat pump and PV solar panels, which keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. We have an environmentally friendly waste
processor, installed under the car park because of our close proximity to the river. We do not use disposable crockery or cutlery in our Tea Shed and always recycle as much as we can. We believe that your swim at Chagford Pool will be one of the most environmentally friendly in the country.


A Brief History of Chagford Pool

Local residents dug out Chagford Swimming Pool by hand on land entrusted to the town of Chagford by the Hayter-Hames family.  The pool, which is situated about half a mile outside the town was opened in 1933. Should it ever cease to be a public pool, the land would revert to the family.  It is the largest open-air, freshwater pool in the southwest being fed from the river Teign.  This historic beautiful community pool is managed by a committee of volunteers.

The water reaches the pool via a mill leat (a small man made stream diverted from the nearby river), which originally powered the water wheel at Rushford Farm. The site was once an apple orchard and the mill pond for the farm. The need for a pool arose when local children swimming in the river scared the fish and disturbed the fishermen just downstream.  In the early days the pool had a mud bottom and the water was unfiltered. Several times each season, the local fire brigade would use their practise nights to pump it out and refill it from the river.  Senior locals can remember that fish in the pool were a common sight

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How Can You Help?

Chagford Pool is managed and run by a committee of volunteers and a dedicated team of friends who constantly seek to raise enough funds to keep it viable as a community asset. This unique and historic pool is beloved by locals and visitors alike. Please help us preserve it for future generations to enjoy.

How can you help?

  •  Swim here as often as you can

  • Join in with working parties to help maintain the pool

  • Join the committee

  • Organise a fundraising event

  • Help at a fundraising event

  • Donate cash

  • Tell us if you have skills and are happy to donate your time e.g. builder, handy man/woman, painter and decorator, gardener, cake baker for our events


We would love to hear from you!

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